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Our location radiates warmth and coziness, fully adaptable to your wishes and group size. Located on a corner, the property enjoys abundant daylight, giving it an open and sunny atmosphere thanks to the many windows. For a more private setting, we can separate the space with beautiful linen translucent curtains.

Conveniently located near the bustling Westerpark and around the corner from a cozy pub, our location is just a 5-minute bike ride from the Jordaan. This allows you to end the evening perfectly. Or hang around after dinner and chat with everyone.

Our location welcomes groups of 6 to 31 people, where we ensure that everyone feels at home and enjoys an unforgettable experience.

Parking is available on the street, but for more convenience and a cheaper rate we recommend the Q-Park a few minutes away at the Westerpark. 





Colette is a passionate chef with a remarkable background. After completing her studies in Medical Natural Sciences, she decided to pursue her culinary aspirations. Successfully auditioning in Breda for the Cas Spijkers Academy marked the true beginning of her culinary journey. Under the guidance of various top chefs, she carved her path in the culinary world.


Her journey commenced at The Dylan, Vinkeles**, and Occo, where she worked under the mentorship of Dennis Kuypers and Friso van Amerongen. She then gained valuable experience at Breda and Maris Piper, further refining her French culinary foundation. Applying this knowledge, she worked at 212**, under the leadership of Thomas Groot and Richard van Oostenbrugge.


After her time at Juwelier* and Bistro de la Mer*, she found her place at Rijsel, an outstanding restaurant where she quickly honed her skills. Thus, her ultimate dream came true: owning her own dining space. As the sole and most essential force in the kitchen, she welcomes people for private dinners and calmly prepares catering for gatherings ranging from intimate events to occasions for 500 people. Colette's ability to perform under pressure and devise creative solutions makes her indispensable in the kitchen.

Colette Bekenkamp
Owner and chef

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